A sneak peak at the laser cut acrylic flower range we are developing. These will be available thru a range of retailers in the coming months, however if you would like further details, or to order a bespoke bucket just drop us a message - info@podbox.co.uk.
3mm mirrored acrylic fridge magnet range coming soon.
Laser cut black frosted face, glossy edge steampunk style clock. For further details - info@podbox.co.uk

Podbox “Christmas” Decorations.

Make your tree stand out with the new range of “christmas” decorations by podbox.

These are made from 3mm coloured acrylic and are the perfect christmas gift for someone who has everything.

For info on their availability watch this space - or for the inpatient just email us at info@podbox.co.uk

Looking for something custom? drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.